Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Although greyhounds are gentle, docile dogs, they can get competitive when they play and run! When Greyhounds Only hosts open kennel days and play dates, we require that all dogs wear a plastic muzzle in order to prevent any nips or bites that might occur between overexcited hounds. Many other organizations have similar rules for their greyhound get-togethers. Since you will not want to miss these fun events, be sure to add one of our muzzles to your shopping cart! These muzzles are not a punishment, and your retired racer is accustomed to wearing one around other hounds. Your dog will be able to pant and drink while wearing the muzzle. It has been designed to fit a greyhound comfortably--both males and females--and with our variety of colors, you will surely find one to match your dog's vibrant personality.

Made of heavy-duty plastic. Available in black, blue, green, lavender, pink, red, yellow (out of stock), and white. Available for both males and females.

$14 each

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