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Doc (Yo My Spine Doc) is a sweet, three year old greyhound who broke his leg racing on December 15, 2006. He had surgery to repair his broken limb, which included needing a bone graft from his shoulder, a plate to repair the break, and a few small screws. Following his first bandage change after the surgery, the nice doctors at VCA Berwyn said his wound is healing nicely.

Doc is currently in a foster home with Julie from VCA Aurora. She reports that Doc is a happy boy that gets along with pretty much everything - kids, dogs, and cats. He also loves squeaky toys, and, like any other greyhound, treats!

Doc's surgery was a complicated procedure done with greyt care by the veterinarians and staff at VCA Berwyn. We estimate his costs for surgery and ongoing care after his surgery to be between $2000-3000. Please consider helping with his expenses, and allow us to continue helping more greyhounds when they are in need, like Doc and Val.

Special thanks to Greyt Legs for helping Greyhounds Only with funds towards his surgery. We still have a ways to go to pay all of his medical bills, but if it weren't for their help, we might not have been able to take Doc into our group in the first place.

The pin in Doc's leg was removed yesterday by Dr. Turner in an effort to finally allow the hole in Doc's leg to close. He will be in a soft bandage for a few days. The leg is solid, according to x-rays, which means the break has healed - but he still has a hole in the outside of his leg. With the removal of the screw yesterday, the hope is that Doc is one step closer to a couch to call his very own!

Doc's medical bills have so far totaled over $5000. Of this, we have raised a little over $500 for his care - so we really need your help! Our finances are stretched to their limits as we try to save as many dogs as we can! Please consider helping us out now - we really need it!

A photo update of Doc and his formerly broken leg.


Doc's cast was taken off today after his X-rays showed progress. His screw is still exposed (the opening is slightly smaller than the width of an eraser). He is very tentative with his healing back leg. It still has several sores from the cast rubbing.

He will go back to see Dr. Turner at VCA Berwyn for X-rays in 6 weeks (just to make sure that everything is totally healed).

-- Aunt Sue

doc4Sorry it's been so long since we've updated Doc! He's had a number of changes recently, including moving to a new foster home!

Doc is healing very slowly. He is a very happy and sweet (playful young dog). His foster mom is a senior citizen and he leash-walks at her pace.

He had a bit of a scare the other day when he stopped using his healing leg for a day. We went to the VCA Aurora emergency room, and they had to give him some pain medication and antibiotics. He has developed some sores in his cast and needed some additional padding. He still has an open wound that has an exposed screw. Because Greyhounds have such thin skin, this is taking a very long time to heal over the hardware. We are going to see Dr Turner on Tuesday and we hope that the cast will be removed within a couple of weeks.

Doc is rather destructive with squeaker toys. He throws them up in the air and can catch them too. He loves them so much that he will dissect them to find the squeaker inside.

He will be a great addition to any family.

-- Aunt Sue

doc2Doc here! I was doing really well and almost ready to be shown to two leggeds interested in adopting me when the pin in my break slipped and I had to undergo another surgery to make my leg stronger. So, it appears I have to start the recovery period over again. Don't get me wrong, I love my foster Mom, Julie - but I was feeling so good and was ready to strut my stuff to find my forever home. I'll be well soon and looking for that special family to call my own!

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