Saturday, April 21, 2018


RCH Lil RedmanMeet Little Redman (Red), our newest Hound in Need. Red is a small, loving, red fawn that is currently receiving on-going medical care for an advanced surgical repair of his right hind foot. Red first arrived at the kennel with an unreported foot fracture and did not show any signs of an injury. A problem became apparent while observing Red after he enjoyed a nice run. He stopped bearing weight on his hind foot. When swelling persisted, he was taken to Animal Emergency and was diagnosed with three fractures. At that point, we learned that he had an old fracture during his racing career that never healed properly. As a result, his foot was weakened, eventually re-breaking the original fracture, and adding two additional ones.

Red endured a complicated surgery, involving plates and bolts to repair his breaks. His bones are now healing nicely, however he is still receiving medical care for a persistent infection. Currently, Red has weekly appointments with his surgeon to monitor his progress. He is expected to make a full recovery, enabling him to run pain-free.

Red has captured the hearts of everyone around him and loves the attention! He’s been known to try to climb into his surgeon’s lap and give everyone kisses. However, his medical bills are mounting. Please consider contributing to Little Redman's care. He has a lot invested in him, but he will give it all back in kisses when he finally finds his forever home.

Redman has become an official Special Needs Alumnist since he was adopted!

Today Red had his weekly check-up and it looks like he's finally in for some good news! Thanks to some new antibiotics and continued care, his infection is starting to subside and his wound site is beginning to heal. Since Red is feeling a little better, he is able to put weight on his repaired leg. It was so nice to see him show some excitement and personality again! Red is scheduled for a checkup next week, and if things continue to progress, the large bandage will finally come off. We're hoping to have this little guy available for adoption soon!