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blueskysis1Meet my new girl friend, Blue Sky "Sis"! She came to Greyhounds Only in an unusual way. Her trainer at Dairyland found her in her crate, unable to stand or walk. She even seemed to be blind at one point. The first thought was a stroke or spinal embolism. Dr. Jenifer Barker at Dairyland urgently contacted Greyhounds Only, and the kennel staff saw to it that she was immediately transported to Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services for emergency life-saving care.

Sis initially improved and was transferred to Family Pet in Chicago, where Dr. Kathi Berman cared for her until Sis relapsed. She was then rushed her to the specialists, Dr. Barnes and Dr. Mercier, my neurologists at VCA Aurora. Within a few days and after many tests, Sis started to make improvement and was able to walk and see again. She was subsequently diagnosed with a non-contagious form of meningitis, for which she receives ongoing treatment. She was able to go in to a foster home with her Vet Tech "Mom," where she will continue her recovery. Now, she's alive and thriving because of the wonderful people who saved me!

Sis' vet bills are over $4,000.00 and climbing. Could you find it in your heart to help Sis, the way you helped me? Love, Val.


Sis was adopted today at the GO Reunion by her foster family of 2 years. She has now graduated to being a Special Needs Alumnist!
Oh my goodness how time flies ! I didn't realize it had been so long since we added another chapter to my story ! We have all been so busy, we lost track of time. Mom says that people have been asking about me so I told her she'd better get on the 'puter and tell them what we've been up to! 

I had thought I was going to move to a different house at Christmas time because I was so much better for a long time.....I hardly had to take any medicine at all for almost the whole time the big sparkly tree was in the house! I even got spayed because I was doing so good! I really felt good and liked playing in the snow with my step-brother and sisters. It looked like I was ready to move on to another foster home to get ready to meet some people that might want to adopt me---not quite sure what that means but it sounds exciting, don't you think so ?

Then, right after all of the celebrations here and all of the presents were gone, I started to feel a little funny. I didn't want my Mom to be sad so I didn't want her to know I didn't feel good. I guess I wasn't so good at hiding it from her. She knows me pretty well after all this time. My neck was hurting again and Mom had to call my Dr. to see what to do. Luckily, I didn't have to go to the hospital this time because we already know what is wrong with me. My meningitis started making my neck hurt again. Thank goodness all we had to do was give me more medicine again and I'm feeling much better now !

Mom says I can't be around other dogs again for a while because of the medicine but that's ok for now. I like it here with my Kongs and my stuffies and my Nylabones and my friends Posh and Logan and Mona. Now the weather is getting nicer. I hope I get to meet some more people soon ! I'm feeling a lot better again!

I'll tell Mom to be sure and write some more VERY soon !! We'll be sure to send pictures too !



Hi there! My name is Blue Sky Sis but my family calls me "Sis". Mom told me that there is something called an abinersary coming up soon----I guess it's been one year since I've been living with my foster family so that's why they call it an abinersary!! Oh wait. Mom says it's anniversary.....I was saying it wrong.

Anyway, it's been one year since I got sick at the race kennel. I couldn't walk or even stand up when they found me there ! I think the people there thought I was a goner but the Dr. there called the nice people at Greyhounds Only to see if they could help me and guess what ?? They said "of course we will help Blue Sky Sis!!" And did they EVER !! First they sent me to see the Doctors at a place called Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services in Chicago. They helped me rightawayquick to feel better. I guess they do that for lots of greyhounds like me that need help fast. Then I went to see Dr. Kathi Berman at a place called Family Pet in Chicago so that she could help get me better. I really liked it at that place. It really was like being with a “family” there ! The people that took care of me were all very nice but they had to send me to a different hospital because I needed some special tests that couldn't be done at Dr. Kathi's place. So then I went for a long car ride from Chicago to Aurora IL and I met my new doctor.

Her name is Dr. Mercier and she is a neurologist. She takes care of dogs and cats that have trouble walking because they have problems with their brain. She did lots of tests at the hospital and found out that part of my nervous system was all swollen and Dr Mercier gave me medicine to help make it better.

blueskysis1This is what I looked like when I met my Dr. for the first time.....

While I was staying at the hospital, I met my foster mom. She promised to take the very best care of me and to make sure I get better. I sure am happy she took me home with her because I have 2 other greyhounds there that are my verybest friends now. Oh, and my foster mom loves me too and makes sure I get my medicine like I’m supposed to.

blueskysis3I'm feeling better now but I do worry about something. I know that all of the tests to check to see if my nerves are still swollen and to take pictures of my brain are very expensive. I know we needed to do them but I feel bad because it has taken me so long to get better and there are other dogs that need help too ! It's not just me.  Sometimes those other dogs need to have an operation to get better and that can cost a lot of money too.  Other dogs just need some medicine and need to go see their Dr. more often than other dogs do.  Mom says we're ALL really SPECIAL and we all NEED your help.

If you are able to help Greyhounds Only help me and other "special" pups, please send your support to Greyhounds Only, Inc., Sis' Fund, 335 E. Geneva Road, #173, Carol Stream IL, 60188.  Mom says there is something called a tax deduction that happens when you send money to help us.  That sounds pretty special too!

The results are back from Sis's CSF tap. It appears as if we have her meningitis under control at this point !!! We have begun to taper her medications. We will be doing this taper at a slower rate this time.....each step will take 60 days instead of the 30 day intervals we were doing in the past. We are hoping that this will help to prevent another relapse. She may have to stay on a low dose of the steroid or another medication for the rest of her life in order to keep her neck pain under control. Luckily, she takes her medications very well with nearly any type of soft treat I can hide it in! Cheese, chicken, banana, strawberries.....this little girl likes to eat!!

She has started playing more lately too. We can tell that she is feeling pretty spunky now---her tail is wagging again (not side to side, Sis is an up and down tail wagger) She play bows and roos for attention when she wants to play or just is excited to see us. We're really happy that she is feeling better!!

Thank you for your continued support!

Sis's Beta Sponsorship was purchased memory of Terra Suriano (Lori Harris' sister). With love, Sarah, Eric, & Paris Peterson and Lisa, Brian, & Sundae Grublesky.

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